Private Online Coaching Session

Transform how you present your ideas with our online coaching session dedicated to perfecting clarity. Save time and boost your confidence by expressing what you do and how you help people.

Our sessions provide tailored brainstorming exercises to foster clarity and refine delivery skills, helping you to make a lasting impression every time. Ready to shine? Book your session now!

What you'll get:

  • A 1-hour (approximately) Zoom coaching session. I don't watch the clock.  The session is finished ONLY when we complete what you came to do.  I deliver the results you need.
  • Live feedback and suggestions to boost your presentation's impact.
  • PLUS a full report including:
  • Specific data-driven analysis of your speaking skills.  (Pace; Word choice; How many times you said, "umm, ahh, OK, etc)
  • Evaluation of your audience engagement. (PPT used, eye contact, voice, etc)
  • Evaluation of the quality and structure of the presentation. (Flow, supporting information, transitions, introduction, conclusion)
  • More personalized attention and the ability to ask questions.

The report will be completed within 48 hours of our Zoom Session. 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Booking Confirmation: Booking for the one-hour coaching session is confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

  2. Refund Policy: Refunds are not possible.  Clients may transfer the coaching session to other users with written notice via email.

  3. Rescheduling: Clients may request to reschedule their session with at least 24 hours notice, subject to availability.

  4. Session Duration: The coaching session will last for one hour, starting from the scheduled time.

  5. Late Arrival: Clients are responsible for arriving promptly for their scheduled session. If a client arrives late, the session will still end at the scheduled time.

  6. Client Responsibilities: Clients are expected to actively participate in the coaching process, complete any pre-session assignments, and adhere to professional conduct throughout the session.

  7. Confidentiality: All information shared during the coaching session will be kept confidential by the coach.

  8. Scope of Services: The coaching session focuses on developing and refining presentation clarity and delivery skills. Additional services beyond the scope of the session may incur extra charges.

  9. Discounted Sessions: Coaching sessions purchased with the 45% discount must be used before the end of Ramadan.

  10. Disclaimer: While every effort is made to provide valuable guidance and support, the results of the coaching session may vary depending on individual effort and circumstances.

  11. Price: The price is quoted in USD 326.  Clients can pay in AED as well.  

By booking a coaching session, clients agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

What People Are Saying:

Private Coaching for the Elevator Pitch Robyn Albers is a tremendous resource for all of us striving to create an impact in the marketplace. I had the privilege of working with Robyn in an exceptional one-hour private online session, during which we honed my introduction and the elevator pitch for my startup. I, like most entrepreneurs, have an unfortunate tendency to overcomplicate things when describing my work and ideas. Thankfully, Robyn has a unique ability to cut through the complication and help her students creatively restructure their script. The end result will be a fluent, flowing statement that provides essential information efficiently. I am delighted to have had an opportunity to work with Robyn Albers and highly recommend her to others looking to find the same clarity in their pitches and presentations. You will find the learning and end product invaluable.

Sarah Mavrinac

Robyn gave me the tools to speak with confidence, to effectively formulate what I want to convey to my audience and, most importantly, her passion for what she does made me realize that my public speaking journey can be fun and that, I too can be an engaging public speaker. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to conquer their fear of speaking in front of an audience. Thank you Robyn for your support on my journey!

Gina Broodryk

If you want to polish your public speaking skills, build confidence and learn helpful tips to present on stage whether on video or in person, then I highly suggest you work with Robyn. I had the opportunity to work with her recently on preparing for a project pitch. She went above and beyond to prepare me for the day and gave guidance on optimizing the presentation's content to ensure it's concise, impactful, and resonates well with the audience. A great communicator and trainer, she was brilliant and fun to work with and learn from.

Suzan Safah

$325.00 USD

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