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Powerful Presentation Skills

Improve your public speaking skills and exude confidence with our comprehensive training. Discover effective techniques that can be tailored to any speaking engagement.  



Presentation skills

Summer Online Course

Ladies Only 

Clear and Confident Presentation Skills

Online from June 27th to July 17th at 7 PM- 8:30 PM

  • Learn how to structure presentations
  • Learn how to deliver with confidence
  • Practice in small groups
  • Bonus face-to-face meeting in September in Abu Dhabi
  • Bonus access to online course (valued at 500 AED)
  • WhatsApp Group for weekly practice and support
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Professional Email Skills

Sharpen your email writing skills and enhance your professional communication abilities. Learn advanced formatting techniques, value-adding strategies, and the intricacies of email etiquette.

Courses Include:

Business email etiquette
  • Write more meaningful subject lines
  • Use formatting for greater readability
  • Learn to write with clarity
  • Compose closing lines that get results
  • Gain professional writing skills
  • Feel confident with your email skills
Business email etiquette
  • Greet your reader with intercultural considerations
  • Compose your email with your reader in mind
  • Use grammar and vocabulary wisely to avoid offense
  • Think culturally for greater impact
  • Learn about high and low context cultures
Business email etiquette
  • Using proper tone and language
  • Avoid common mistakes and miscommunications
  • Understand how to address recipients
  • Project a professional image
  • Exhibit consideration for the reader
  • Learn proper email etiquette

Global Workplace Leadership

Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership and develop the cross-cultural awareness needed to build strong, collaborative teams. Explore strategies for cultivating a workplace culture of professionalism and appreciation.

Courses Include:

Intercultural communication in the workplace
  • Learn proper Middle Eastern introduction techniques
  • Employ effective business meeting conversations
  • Understand the art of Middle Eastern hospitality
  • Understand the concept of time and decorum
  • Avoid common etiquette errors
  • Know what to wear and how to behave
  • Ask questions freely and get answers from the locals
Intercultural communication in the workplace
  • Understand why a culture of appreciation is important in the workplace
  • Identify colleagues who should have received appreciation
  • Learn how to write and deliver an effective and personal thank you message
  • Use grammar and word choice selectively to make an impact
  • Learn the acronym THANX and put it into practice
  • Reflect on the results (both receiver and sender)
Intercultural communication in the workplace
  • Receive rapid response training
  • Deliver effective and meaningful replies
  • Use listening techniques for better communication
  • Master polite assertiveness to make your voice heard
  • Become aware of body language and other non-verbal communication


Ala’a learned how communication significantly affects his productivity, work environment, and work relationships.

"Miss Albers' taught Business Communications with an authentic approach that gave me a real first glimpse at how communication inefficiencies can significantly affect my productivity, work environment, and relationships with my colleagues/management. Miss Albers personally introduced me to the course material and communicated her ideas in a pleasant and energetic manner, clearly demonstrating how beneficial these concepts are through her own style of teaching. Miss Albers' ability to deliver constructive criticism while convincingly outlining the reasoning behind her observations is a truly rare skill that evidenced her high emotional intelligence."

Ala’a | Assistant Relationship Manager

Hawra said it was one of her favorite classes and now uses the skills she learned at work.

"Ms. Robyn delivered one of my favorite classes I have taken. It was never boring and I always learned something new every single class. Ms. Robyn’s style in teaching played the most important part. She always gave me advice when I felt confused and proposed new ideas or alternatives that would help. Moreover, I still remember so skills from the Business Communication class which helped me a lot during my internship and on a professional level such as email etiquette and communication with different types of cultures."

Hawra | Ethics and Compliance Analyst


Learn how to write attention-grabbing subject lines that have a clear purpose.

Download the PDF to watch my free training video and practice on your own. Psst! You even get the answer key included.